Clan Maelanfaid DNA Project – Participation Request

A request from Graeme Macaloney (Mac-Maelanfaid) of Victoria, Canada, regarding a possible Scottish connection to Clan Cameron:

Please take a look at the following web site – – you will see documentation and research into the Maelanfaid name and its possible origins. You may know the Macaloney name in modern Gaelic is MacMhaol-onfhaidh and in early medieval Gaelic it was Maelanfaid – the same root name as Malanaphy! I hope you like the web site – it is best viewed from a PC rather than a MAC or other device!

Please help to enlist any Malanaphy clan males around the globe to submit their Y-DNA to our program. Full details on how to subscribe and take the test are given in our web site and include links to the FT-DNA web site too.

Ideally, if male clan members can take the y-DNA 111 test (statistically most significant), then this will help us prove out the links between Mac-Maelanfaid’s from Scotland (MacGillonie/Macaloney, MacMartin and MacPhail) and from Maelanfaid’s from Ireland (McAlonan’s, Mellamphy’s, Molamphy, Malanaphy, etc), and ultimately how they tie together!

Slàinte mhath,


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We’re Back!

Yes, we’re back… finally had time to finish the upgrade.  The forum is all new too (but all the old user IDs and old forum messages are still there).  But the passwords had to change, so please email me for a new password.

Here’s the new forum: CLICK HERE FOR THE FORUM


Thanks for your patience!

– Brian

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Welcome to the new Malanaphy Family (Maolanfaidh Clan) website.

It’s taken a while for me to update the site, but now it’s done!  The forum software is better and the site is more functional now too.

You will need to reset your passwords for the forum, which will require sending me an email me for a new password.  Please include your ID from the old forum.

The new forum is here:

Thanks and if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.

– Brian

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