Clan Maelanfaid DNA Project – Participation Request

A request from Graeme Macaloney (Mac-Maelanfaid) of Victoria, Canada, regarding a possible Scottish connection to Clan Cameron:

Please take a look at the following web site – – you will see documentation and research into the Maelanfaid name and its possible origins. You may know the Macaloney name in modern Gaelic is MacMhaol-onfhaidh and in early medieval Gaelic it was Maelanfaid – the same root name as Malanaphy! I hope you like the web site – it is best viewed from a PC rather than a MAC or other device!

Please help to enlist any Malanaphy clan males around the globe to submit their Y-DNA to our program. Full details on how to subscribe and take the test are given in our web site and include links to the FT-DNA web site too.

Ideally, if male clan members can take the y-DNA 111 test (statistically most significant), then this will help us prove out the links between Mac-Maelanfaid’s from Scotland (MacGillonie/Macaloney, MacMartin and MacPhail) and from Maelanfaid’s from Ireland (McAlonan’s, Mellamphy’s, Molamphy, Malanaphy, etc), and ultimately how they tie together!

Slàinte mhath,


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